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CEO Message

Thank you for your interest to WaveLab Scientific Pte Ltd, a company located in Singapore, the hub of South East Asia.

We are a distribution company for Photonics software and instrument among Asia countries since 2005. Our key technical team has over 25 years experience in optical design, laser cavity and system design, waveguide and communication, optical metrology, system integration and photonics training. We view ourselves as knowledge carrier and trainer and continuously introduce high technology into our Asia region.

By now, WaveLab has set up training and distribution point at Singapore, Taipei, Nanjing, Seoul, Delhi. Our training courses and technical support seminars has been conduced in other cities such as Bangkok, Penang, Sydney, Bangalore, Beijing, Shenzhen. We have trained over thousand engineers in Asia since 2006.

Our customers in Asia are typically research academy and industrial OEMs companies. Most of them are working in the area related to LIGHT or BEAM. We have seen such interest increasing over the years. Our suppliers are from Europe, USA who wishes to work with trustworthy Asian partner to grow business together. So far we have been working very well with all our suppliers and technical principles.

WaveLab Scientific is committed to be a professional distribution company and deliver added-value to our customers and suppliers. We will grow our team and professionalism to be most successful distribution firm in the area of Photonics in Asia.

Robert Huang


WaveLab Scientific