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ZEMAX Course
Product Name:ZEMAX Course

Product No:19238-927
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Last update:2010.07.07
Manufacturer:Wavelab Scientific Pte Ltd
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Wavelab scientific offers ZEMAX training courses at various levels. We have a well equipped class room and well trained tutors to attendees to get the highest degree of benefit from your powerful optical modelling ZEMAX software.

The courses on offer for year 2010:
  • Optical Design Using ZEMAX(ODUZ) is a five day course, perfect for first time users of ZEMAX who need an introduction to first and third order optical design, basic principles and techniques, and design of simple imaging optical systems. This course covers the basics of using ZEMAX, defining optical systems, optimization, ray aberration fans and other diagnostic tools, apodization, vignetting, thermal analysis, and an introduction to tolerancing. This year three sessions of this very popular course are offered.
  • Advanced Optical Design Using ZEMAX(AODUZ) is a five day course that covers the design and analysis of more complex imaging systems, including local and global optimization, merit functions, diffraction theory, diffractive optics, polarization, advanced tolerancing, advanced analysis techniques, gradient index, fiber coupling, boundary conditions, zoom lenses, birefringent media, the Physical Optics Propagation capability and other topics. This advanced course also includes a half-day session on designing for manufacture.
  • Illumination & Stray light analysis(ISLAUZ)  is a five day course that covers non-imaging design and analysis with ZEMAX, including non-sequential ray tracing, scattering, ray splitting, user defined sources/objects/surfaces, solid geometry modeling, CAD import/export, gradient index media, diffractive optics, illumination system design and optimisation and other advanced non-sequential analysis and modeling capabilities of ZEMAX.
  • Real World Optical Design is a two day course that covers Fundamental optical system requirement design and analysis of real system, Tolerancing and Producibility, Design example, Radiometry and photometry, Illumination, LED, Light pipe and Light guilde design.