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Laser Diode Driver
Product Name:Laser Diode Driver

Product No:182245-861
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Last update:2010.07.08
Manufacturer:Wavelab Scientific Pte Ltd
   Product Details
Laser Diode Driver - WLD3343


The WLD3343 is a general-purpose analog hybrid circuit for use in ultrastable laser diode driver applications. The WLD3343 maintains precision laser diode current (constant current mode) or stable photodiode current (constant power mode) using electronics compatible with any laser diode type. Supply up to 2.2 Amps of current to your laser diode from a single +5 to +12 Volt power supply.

• Small Package (1.30 x 1.26 x 0.313)
• Slow Start Laser Diode Protection
• Optimize for Low and High Power Laser Diodes
• Drive Up to 2.2 Amps Output Current
• Constant Current or Constant Power Operation
• Operates with Any Type of Laser Diode
• Voltage Controlled Setpoint
• TTL Compatible Shutdown Pin
• Adjustable Current Limit
• 2 MHz Constant Current Bandwidth
• Over Temperature Shutdown

Figure 1
Top View Pin Layout and Descriptions