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Product Name:ProSource

Product No:164449-975
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Last update:2010.07.10
Manufacturer:Wavelab Scientific Pte Ltd
   Product Details

Radiant Imaging抯 ProSource Software allows full data analysis and ray set generation from any Radiant Source Model (RSM) data file. The RSM data files generated by Radiant Imaging抯 Source Imaging Goniometers™ are industry standard representations of near-field measurements of light sources and are comprised of thousands of detailed images of a light source from multiple view angles. ProSource provides an intuitive interface to allow the user to view, manipulate, and process RSM data files simply and quickly.

Optical design software formats supported for ray set export include ASAP, FRED, LightTools, SimuLux, SPEOS, TracePro, and ZEMAX

Advanced source model analysis tools enable full understanding of source performance

ProSource enables a developer or designer to interact with near-field source data in a variety of useful ways. To begin with, the user can determine source color and luminance characteristics from any point or sub-region within the source. The light source can be viewed from any angle, and animated videos can be created to help intuitively understand the spatial output characteristics of the light source. The user can also use ProSource to determine the origin of the global coordinate system in relationship to specific physical features of a light source, as well as to determine the relationship between source features. This level of detail in the RSM means that full information about the source is preserved, and that any anomalous source performance can be traced back to source physical characteristics.

Importance sampling generates better ray sets resulting in faster, better optical design

ProSource is also used to generate ray sets for export to optical design software with full control over the number of rays generated (from a few million rays for rough design to tens of millions of rays for final, detailed design), the angular range of the rays, the total luminous flux of the ray set, and ray origin. ProSource uses 搃mportance sampling to generate efficient ray sets, with results that are superior to traditional Monte Carlo methods for generating ray sets. By taking the full near-field data into account, importance sampling associates rays with meaningful source features, and so obtains the same accuracy in representing the source with only 1/5 the number of rays required with Monte Carlo methods. This reduction in the number of rays that must be analyzed allows faster processing in optical design software  saving time and allowing more options to be evaluated without sacrificing accuracy


Typical Applications

  • Analysis of near-field characteristics of light sources for development and design
  • Generation of ray sets from RSM near-field data files
  • Generation of color ray sets from color RSM near-field data files