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ML2000 Series laser beam attenuator
Product Name:ML2000 Series laser beam attenuator

Product No:142354-341
Was Price:0Dollar/Set Now Price:0Dollar/Set
Last update:2010.07.20
Manufacturer:Wavelab Scientific Pte Ltd
   Product Details

Variable Dielectric Laser Beam Attenuator



The variable laser beam attenuator enables a continuous attenuation of the laser energy and is specially used for high-power excimer and NdYag lasers.

The optic components of the device consist of a dielectric filter for beam attenuation as well as a neutral optical unit to compensate the beam displacement. The continuous attenuation of the coupled laser beam is attained by changing the angle of incidence of the dielectric filter in the range of 0 to 45.

The device is available as hand-operated version with mechanical gear or as motor-driven version together with the controller model ML 8010.