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Product Name:ZEMAX SE

Product No:175651-782
Was Price:0Dollar/Set Now Price:0Dollar/Set
Last update:2010.07.20
Manufacturer:Wavelab Scientific Pte. Ltd.
   Product Details

ZEMAX-SE contains most of the tools needed for sequential optical system design of imaging systems. More advanced features, like Physical Optics, Non-Sequential ray tracing, Polarization ray tracing and others are contained in ZEMAX-EE.

General Capabilities

3D placement of optical surfaces
Unlimited number of surfaces, variables, optimization targets etc
Multiple Configuration capability
Thermal Analysis
Point sources, extended sources, .bmp and .jpg sources
Telecentric sources
Uniform, Lambertian and Gaussian illumination
Source size define by subtended angle, height or image height (real and paraxial)
Focal or afocal operation